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Custom Paint for Vehicles and Prototypes
Cerakote Ceramic Coating
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Custom Automotive & Motorcycle Painting for Massachusetts

Krazy Kustoms is the premier Custom Painting, Prototype & Cerakote facility in the Massachusetts area.

Located in Wilmington, MA, our crew can handle any Painting or coating customization project, whether it’s a Fire Arm that needs the unique look or a one of prototype, we will deliver with professional results.

With a combined 23 years experience of custom paint work we strive to be the best in the industry with our quality, award-winning paint jobs and dependable service. Krazy Kustoms guarantees you’ll be satisfied wih your one-off custom paint job, prototype or cerakote coating.

Cerakote Ceramic Coating


Krazy Kustoms is the premier custom car/motorcycle/bike paint shop in the Boston, Massachusetts area. We offer a wide variety of custom paint options from Airbrushing, Kandy Paint Jobs to Metal Flake.
Custom paint for motorcycles, cars and prototypes
Prototype Paint and Coatings


Cerakote is the world leader in thin film ceramic coating technology. Krazy Kustoms is New Englands source for Cerakote.
Cerakote ceramic coating for firearms and prototypes
Custom Painting for Vehicles and Prototypes


Krazy Kustoms is a High Quality custom paint company that specializes in putting the final touches on prototypes for all types of industries, preparing the products for demos & consumer feedback.
Final touches on prototypes for all types of industries